Three things you didn't know about Kananaskis

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We love K Country and we're not alone

Tucked away amongst the Rocky Mountains, characterized by glacier capped peaks and endless lakes, you'll find Kananaskis. It's a local favourite, and once you visit you'll know why. It's a hotspot for cross country skiers, downhill riders, hikers, adventurers and nature lovers alike. 

The Rocky Mountain Flannel team recently went out to Kananaskis for an adventure, and brought some shirts along the way. Our visit got us thinking about the history of this ancient area, and after digging up the records, we were surprised with what we found.

Without further ado, here are three of the most surprising facts about Kananaskis. 

The 200 million year old mountain peaks are made from layers of fossilized sea creatures  

The limestone mountains that make up Kananaskis are in part the result of thousands fossilized sea creatures that are millions of years old. Ancient pieces of coral reef, shark teeth, and oyster beds have been found in this area. They come from the sea that once covered Alberta. The mountains themselves are covered in a glacier that was once over a kilometre thick - now that's a lot of ice! 

Kananaskis Country has been inhabited for at least 8000 years

Archaeological evidence proves that there have been humans living in Kananaskis for over 8000 years. 

The Stoney-Nakoda, Siksika, Blood, and Kootenai First Nations all have deep connection to this land.

Kananaskis got it's name 150 years ago from explorer Captain John Palliser

Palliser chose to name the area Kananaskis after the Cree name "Kin-e-a-kis" - a warrior who survived after receiving a devastating blow to the head with an axe. The name is actually thought to mean "the meeting of the water". Palliser stumbled across the region as he travelled across the country, traveling by horse, cart, and canoe.

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