April 6th is National Tartan Day: Celebrating Scottish Heritage

royal stewart tartan day

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On April 6th, 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath was signed, confirming Scotland as an independent kingdom. Centuries later, the provincial government of Nova Scotia declared April 6th as Tartan Day to commemorate the Scottish heritage. Eventually this observance would spread across Canada and officially declare it as a nationally recognized day on the calendar.

Tartan Day has since grown outside of Canada’s borders and is now recognized and celebrated in many countries. The United States Senate Resolution adopted the 6th of April as National Tartan Day, due to the efforts of the Scottish Coalition in 1998. The group recognized Canada’s observance of this date and looked to see it recognized in the USA as well.

The first Tartan Day festival in Scotland was held on April 6, 2004. The festivities continue to expand in reach, as the Angus Council seeks to develop it as a global celebration. Today you can find many celebrations in nearby communities. These mostly involve parades with pipe bands, highland dancing and sports, and other Scottish-themed events. There you'll most likely witness the famous tartan pattern, usually found on the Scottish kilt.

This pattern is iconic to not only Scottish heritage, but to Canada as well. On April 6th 2011, celebrations at Parliament Hill marked the first time that Tartan Day celebrated Canada’s official “Maple Leaf” tartan. This beautiful pattern features the rich colours that our iconic leaf goes through during the seasons.

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